About us


At Triple H Gypsy Ranch we enjoy a peaceful oasis in the midst of the Southern California sunshine. Having owned horses our entire life we have always enjoyed the companionship of our hoved friends. In 2007 we fell in love with the Gypsy Horse while watching the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day. From the moment we first laid eyes on the beauty of the Gypsy breed we knew we had to get involved with them. However when we looked into finding one of these rare beauties, we discovered that not many of these magical horses were available to see, let alone purchase. However we eventually were able to find the “Majestic Animals” through the fine folks at Freeland’s Gypsy Horses and after that it was full speed ahead, we decided on starting our new family with them. Even though we were unable to be in Arkansas we experienced the birth of each one of our babies online live through the wonderful world of technology. After several months full of anticipation our newest members of the family finally arrived home in California and have been happily settled ever since. We just couldn’t have been more pleased with these wonderful majestic animals and we are so excited and proud to now be raising and breeding our own Gypsies to share with the world.


The Gypsy breed of horses’ origin is often shrouded in mystery, but is believed to have descended from a mix of Shires horse, Clydesdale horses, Dales pony, and the Fell pony, also British Spotted pony and the Highland pony giving attributes to their mane and tail living with the Gypsy's and Nomads within the United Kingdom, hundreds of years ago. However Gypsy horses are a recent arrival to the ****United States**** and were first recognized during the 1990’s. Gypsies were bred by the Romany Gypsy’s to be both muscular and have extensive endurance, but at the same time graceful in their movements and affectionate in disposition. The Gypsy horse was an integral part of the Gypsy peoples life used to pull wagons and vans (Gypsy homes) in the roaming Romany culture. In fact the horses were so important to their owners that they would become part of their human families they loved them so well. The trademark markings of the Gypsy horses were intentionally bred to identify the horses as unique Romany in their heritage, apart from the tamer solids of British draft horses, and to compete within themselves.

The Gypsy’s feature trademarks of Majestic Long Tails and Manes and extensive Feathering along their lower legs set them apart from other breeds. Todays Gypsies serve many different uses, both for their original occupation as driving horses as well as that of affable riding companions. Gypsies also have extensive endurance and speed both as a Hunter/Jumper or Dressage Horses known for their beautiful dance moves. Due to their limited numbers within the U.S. as well as their spectacular features Gypsies are highly valued among horse enthusiasts and continue to experience exponential growth in both show circles as well as breeding enthusiasts.

Our Intentions with Hott Rodd Horsee

We have collected our Handsome Gypsy Stallion “Hott Rodd Horsee” to be assured of passing along his wonderful bloodlines that come from “Freeland’s Casanova” out of “Legend Boy” from the Old Black Horse in the UK. His Dam is the amazing “Freeland’s Karma” which is out of “Freeland’s Joanie” and “Freeland’s Prince Charming” taking the bloodlines back to the Rose Line of mares some of the best blooded mares throughout England and Ireland. Prince Charming’s dam has produced some of the most incredible horses including the mare “Panda Rose: to which Prince Charming is a full brother. His sire “Sid’s Good Stallion” was considered one of the best sire’s in England and Ireland. Unfortunately his sire has since passed. Prince charming is the last of that mare and stallion combination, leaving his bloodline line irreplaceable.

Limited amounts of Semen are now being offered for sale from Hott Rodd.

Our Gypsy Mares

We also have two wonderful Gypsy Mares out of Freeland’s” Prince Charming”

“Flaming Starr”, out of Freeland’s “Prince Charming” and Freeland’s “Pollyanne”. -- Flaming Starr is a beautiful stocky mare taking after her dam Pollyanne. She has a fabulous nature and has been gentled to ride. Flame is very people friendly as is the nature of the breed. We will be breeding her to “Hott Rodd Horsee” in the spring for a baby the following year. Flame’s baby will be available for purchase 2013.

“Lady Lack with Diamonds”, out of Freeland’s “Prince Charming” and Freeland’s “Joanie”. – Lady Luck is a smaller Gypsy approx. 14.2 hands tall which a lot of people like as it is a great size for children as well as adults. Lady Luck also has a wonderful nature and loves people. We will also be breeding her to “Hott Rodd Horsee” in the spring for a baby in 2013. Lady’s baby will also be available for purchase.****